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Danger Behind the Delicious Chocolate for Health

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Sweet taste makes these foods have a lot of fans of all ages. other than that chocolate is also in use as the symbol of affection for someone. So chocolate is often given to someone on Valentines Day or Valentine's Day.

Its texture is soft, sweet and melts in the mouth when eating that makes a lot of people are often hooked. Even the taste of chocolate is the first taste that has become the flavor of choice for a wide range of food and beverage products. Distinctive flavor to sweet making chocolate is always in hurry by fans.

In addition there are many benefits of chocolate for beauty and mental health. However, if one chose the chocolate is not the benefits that they got but its negative effects on health. Not all types of chocolate is good for health because some chocolate also contains substances hazardous to the body as a sweetener.
But behind it all there is some danger behind the delicious chocolate for health are lurking for chocolate lovers this. Usually a few people willing to spend money that is large enough to get the chocolate delights without seeing a downside to health.

Some of the dangers behind the delicious chocolate for health such as:

1. Make Obesity.
Chocolate can make obesity a thing is not in doubt. Many chocolate companies are misguided because it eliminates substances that taste bitter flavanols and replaced with a sweetener that is more dominated by fat and sugar. Both of these substances make the weight increase so that the body will be easy fat if consumed in large amounts.

Therefore if you are a chocolate lover should choose dark chocolate flavanols which still contained substances. Flavanols substance is very good for health as prevent dangerous diseases, ageless as antioxidants

2. Heart Disease.
Brown circulating normally dominated by sweeteners, sugar and fat in high enough quantities. Basically chocolate has a bitter taste, and therefore in order to give the sweetener tasty for eating.

However ingredients such as sweeteners are the enemies of heart and blood vessel health. So that excessive chocolate consumption may increase the risk of heart disease.

3. Affect Blood Pressure.
The danger behind the delicious chocolates for the next health that can affect blood pressure. Dark chocolate that contain caffeine high enough to affect blood pressure. So it can affect the health of your heart and blood vessels. If you have a family history of chronic disease that you should start a healthy lifestyle and avoid chocolate for a while.

That's the danger behind the delicious chocolate for the health you need to know. If you are a fan of this sweet foods should set the calories that go into your body that is not excessive. Sugar and milk that has been mixed into the chocolate making excessive caloric intake in your body. For that reduce the calorie intake of other foods to balance the number of calories in your body.

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